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A Family Law Attorney, Mediator, Therapist, and Guardian Ad Litem

Family law cases involve difficult emotions on top of legal and practice hurdles. At Borsellino Law & Mediation, LLC, family law attorney Rachel Borsellino understands the many facets of these cases. She is here to help you through this challenging time, providing skilled legal counsel rooted in sensitivity to the gravity and magnitude of what you’re going through.

Rachel is an experienced lawyer as well as a licensed professional counselor (LPC), certified mediator, and guardian ad litem (advocate for children) with the state of Illinois. As a therapist, she specializes in children, marriage and family counseling, and reunification therapy for parents and children. This background gives her an in-depth level of insight that few family law attorneys possess.

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The Firm’s Services

Rachel provides legal counsel for individuals and parents who are separating or divorcing. She is skilled at addressing the many intricacies of family law issues.

She also offers legal services for other professionals, including attorneys, counselors, and social workers who are working with families or children.

Rachel’s Individualized Approach

Every case and every client is different, and so is Rachel’s approach. She understands that clients often come to the firm during the most vulnerable and difficult times of their lives. They will often struggle until they feel understood and understand what they feel.

Rachel is grounded in the human element of divorce as well as her ability to navigate through the laws for clients. She is committed to being a real person when it matters the most. She is realistic and straightforward in managing expectations. She is invested in clients, taking the time to understand their needs and fears throughout the proceedings.

Rachel is the voice and vessel to allow her clients the opportunity to be heard and protected during this chapter of their lives. She is listening. She is committed to focusing on what you need to make the next chapter even better.

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