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Mediation is a fantastic and effective alternative to litigation. It allows you to protect your time, money, and more feelings of frustration. Mediation gives you a space to really communicate well. At Borsellino Law & Mediation, LLC, Attorney Borsellino gives you the opportunity for peaceful mediation, no matter what your needs may be.

With a background in the legal and counseling arena, Attorney Borsellino brings a different level of insight into the art and importance of communication. When parties are unable to communicate effectively and respectfully, it prevents resolution and progress. She is dedicated to bridging this gap for clients during the process through mediation. If you're in Naperville, Illinois, or Joliet, Kendall County, DuPage County, Will County, or the surrounding areas, reach out today and schedule a meeting with a skilled mediator today.

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Why Mediation May Be Right for You

Mediation is an opportunity to meet with a neutral third party to reach agreements without having a judge or guardian ad litem make decisions for them. The mediator is only there to help facilitate an agreement and has no role in deciding for the parties or in sharing their thoughts with the court. Some of the benefits of mediation include:

More Control

Mediation allows the ability to control what happens with your property, money, and children, instead of placing decisions in the hands of strangers to your family.

Cost Effective

Mediation brings cost-savings benefits if agreements are reached without the need for further litigation, and often shortens the duration of divorce proceedings by streamlining the contested issues.

Feeling Heard

Mediation presents the opportunity to feel heard and voice your concerns in a controlled setting.

In some cases, you may be required to attend mediation prior to filing anything with the courts to amend or enforce prior judgments or agreements.

For parties interested in resolving disputes through the mediation process, whether voluntary or court-ordered, Attorney Borsellino is a court-approved mediator in Will, DuPage, and Cook County.

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For more information regarding frequently asked questions, visit the FAQ page. You may also call my office in Joliet or send an email. Reach out if you're in need of a mediator in Naperville, Illinois, or the surrounding areas of Joliet, Kendall County, DuPage County, or Will County.