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Supervised Parenting Time Attorney in Naperville, Illinois

As with most areas of the law, there are statutes created to clearly define the boundaries of the law and scope of the court. The issue of parenting time and the best interests of the children is no different, which requires the court to use its discretion in applying these statutes. 

 When evaluating the allocation of parental responsibility, formerly known as custody, the court uses the standard of “best interests”, which includes the child(ren)’s emotional and physical health, safety, education, proximity of the parents, and any other factor the court finds relevant. 750 ILCS 5/602.7 

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To ensure the best interests of the children are being enforced, the court is granted authority to impose certain restrictions and discretion with good cause shown. One said restriction can often include the use of supervised parenting time.  "Supervision" means the presence of a third party during parenting time, which can include a court-appointed professional or agreed upon family member. 750 ILCS 5/600 (m) 

Borsellino Law & Mediation, LLC offers attorneys and families an affordable option to meet the court’s requirements for supervised parenting time. Our office can conduct these visits in two convenient office locations, or we can arrange supervised parenting time in a location agreed upon by the family to create the most conducive environment for comfort and connection. 

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