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Child Support and Custody Agreement Attorney in Naperville, Illinois

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The allocation of parental responsibilities, formerly referred to as child custody, can often be a very complex, contested issue for parties going through a divorce. For unmarried parties, the issue can create added confusion when the paternity of the child has not been legally established. Every family is different in terms of their needs, schedules, and history which may play a part in the final Parental Allocation Judgment, commonly referred to as the custody agreement. At Borsellino Law & Mediation, LLC, the goal is to provide clients with creative solutions that work for their family, in the best interests of the children, with a clear understanding of their rights and obligations.

These obligations may include financial support such as child support and contribution toward child-related expenses, as well as physical support such as regular parenting time and providing for their daily care. There are many factors that contribute to what is in the best interest of the children, all of which can affect the amount of parenting time and child support on behalf of the children.

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For example, child support is calculated based on the combined income of the parties, as well as other factors including parenting time, health insurance premiums, mandatory deductions, support paid for children not of this relationship, among other factors. Accordingly, there is no guaranteed percentage or entitlement to child support.

Attorney Borsellino here to explain your rights and options moving forward, and to advocate on your behalf to protect the needs of your children.

Understanding Your Rights

Attorney Borsellino can help with the following issues:

  • Establishing paternity and parental rights

  • Child support

  • Modifications to child support

  • Modifications to parental responsibilities

  • Modifications to child-related expenses

  • Restricted parenting time

  • Family or reunification therapy

  • Contribution toward college-related expenses

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